Below you can download the studies conducted by MediaPlanning, Sofres and Kantar Media for Virtual AD (in PDF format) regarding the economic evaluation obtained by the Anamorphic 3D advertising media at different events. These studies focus on the advertising return obtained by these media when installed by our company at the 18 arenas of the ACB League and Euroleague over several seasons.

These studies demonstrate the economic return of projecting any advertising message via our exclusive Anamorphic 3D system as opposed to conventional systems.

To summarise, the chief advantages offer:

  • Double the advertising effect in comparison with a conventional billboard. (12% of the valuation of a 20-second spot with the Anamorphic 3D system against just 6% obtained by a conventional billboard).
  • Approximately 1,000 seconds (16 minutes) average continuous presence on television per game and medium.
  • Excellent ROI.

Examples of profitability:

  VAD ACB COM - profitability
  VAD Copa del Rey ACB - profitability
  VAD Copa del Rey ECI- profitability
  Final Four Euroleague 2011 Noticias - profitability
  Final Four Euroleague 2011 Retransmisión - profitability
  Final Four Euroleague 2011 Total - profitability
  Liga ACB - profitability


The best way of assessing the impact of the Anamorfic 3D labelling system on an advertising message is to verify the real difference in visibility compared to a traditional medium.