100% reliable system in full operation worldwide.

Totally safe system for the players as the lower part of the panels has flexible dampener supports.

A system which is totally safe for the players and spectators as it uses rechargeable 48V batteries to supply the necessary power for operation during the games without having to be connected to the mains grid. This also protects the LEDSport system against possible voltage dips or power-outs.

Fully waterproof panels. It can work at full performance both indoors and outdoors (IP 65).

The luminosity can be regulated from 3% to 100%, thus preventing any inconvenience for both the spectators and the players themselves.

Fully independent panels which can be configured individually.

Simple to program with standard video editing software which brings down the cost of animation production (also standard input formats).

High resolution thanks to its LED system with SMD technology.

Great visibility for advertisers thanks to its effective viewing angles. Perfect visibility from any position (160º horizontal and 90º vertical).


The dynamic advertising LEDSport system offers a greater advertising impact for the brands sponsoring the chief sports events. The most advanced advertising technology for sports events.