LEDSport is an installation service for screens with LED Fullcolour technology for emitting dynamic advertising at sports events. Our service is based on the use of luminous, fully modular LED panels and can adopt multiple configurations depending on the sport or the stadium hosting the event.

The screens are controlled by a computerised system capable of reproducing any sequence of video, logos or text in movement, photographs or any other computer file in video format.

The system complies with all the EC standards as regards electrical protection for both the players and the public.

It also uses an exclusive pivoting system so that it can dampen any impact including the collision of a player with the screen so that no participant can be harmed.

Nowadays, the dynamic LEDSport advertising system represents the most advanced advertising technology used in sports due to its strong visual impact, its dynamism and the low production cost of the advertising messages.

LEDSport is an open system which allows multiple configurations. Adaptable to any venue or event and swiftly installed.

It is very easy to program. Changes can be made just minutes before the event commences, so as to extend the advertising sale time until the same day as the event.

In addition to displaying advertising, the LEDSport system boasts other features and services during a game such as presenting the players, news flashes and information during the break, displaying results of other games being held that day or video images.

By using standard video animation systems the production costs are very low.


The dynamic advertising LEDSport system offers a greater advertising impact for the brands sponsoring the chief sports events. The most advanced advertising technology for sports events.